About Me

I was born and raised in Brazil. There I built kites I flew in kite competitions, and enlarged drawings for cake decoration. Those were my first experiences in the artistic field.

I was 37 years old when I painted for the first time, just for fun. After 8 years, I attended college for Visual arts. By then, I lived in the United States.

My initial body of works consisted of large abstract paintings of inks on Yupo paper. Simultaneously, I created a series of miniature drawings as a warm up for my daily work on Yupo.

In 2016, during a residency in Poland, I painted one of my miniature drawings on a large canvas. Since then, my drawings are my main style.

Inks and acrylics are my main media, but I am constantly learning new things and experimenting with new materials. Much of my imagination and artistic styles evolve from that. 

Emotions are my main subject matter. I call my work human-nature because it is human nature to express all feelings. It is sharing them that allows us to connect to each other.

I paint because it makes me feel happy. It is my hope that when you look at my work we can share that moment of happiness.