Wendy Alvarez Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I believe that creating Art is a transcendent experience, driven by imagination, intuition and the excitement of discovery. Throughout my life, I’ve always experienced making art as a joyful adventure filled with wonder and delight.

There are two overarching fascinations that are present in my art.

The first is nature. It enthralls and inspires me. I am fascinated by the changing colors, complex details, infinite variety and sheer wonder of the natural world. I never tire of observing and interpreting the beauty around me.

The second is the use of patterns – in particular, those used by diverse cultures throughout history. I think of these designs as a dynamic, universal language weaving throughout time, connecting us all to one another and allowing me to continue this age-old story.

I have been greatly influenced by the philosophy and work of Navajo and Apache artists with whom I spent the summer of 1996. They showed me the many profound ways in which Art can be informed by Nature and Belief. This transformative experience forever changed my creative process and I now always strive to celebrate the essential spirit of the Natural World in my work.


Mitákuye Oyás’in
We Are All Relations